Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So good they left out cesc

-- Spain at Ellis Park - I'll never forget this. The blur of the passing, the wonderful David Villa goal, falling over after a weaving run, he belts it into the corner. They should have scored six at least. Torres looks like a player who has been out for a while,which he is. If he can get his edge back by the finish and Villa can keep up his form, they will  go close to winning it.The noise was insane, the attack relentless. The fans were using the vuvuzelas in sync, great blasts of volume, the whole ground buzzing. And Spain were out of this world.One Xabi Alonso pass over 50 metres made me gasp. Beautiful game, beautiful team. Cesc came on after an hour - this is probably his fate for the next two seasons at Barca until he takes over a starting role.

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