Sunday, June 13, 2010

The final session

The Socceroos held their final pre match training run at Moses Mabidha Stadium in Durban. Pim and Lucas fronted the press but you feel they've done all their talking. They've spent two weeks talking up the Germany team and Lucas says tomorrow is "probably the toughest game in our short world cup history." Considering we'played Italy and Brazil in 2006 and both Germany teams in 1974, it was a big statement.
Spent the day working for AP. Weird being here as a worker and not a fan like four years ago. Less beer, and less watching football. Saw the Argentina win via replays as ws typing out a Craig Moore story at the time. Not making that mistake for england, so off we go.

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  1. aww wish I was there too. Looks awesome. Getting my green and gold together to head to the Fifa Fan fest in Darling Harbour with Deb, Chems and Sideshow Matt. Will just pretend I am in a town square somewhere drinking cheap vodka and diet coke from a plastic bottle, dancing on a table =) Will be wearing a few more layers than in 06 and drinking overpiced UDLs no doubt. Sing loudly for us too